Sankofa Public Relations, LLC

Reaching back to move the world forward

Sankofa Public Relations, LLC. Reaching back to move the world forward. We represent brands, companies, organizations, and special project with philanthropic motives. Non-profits and for-profit companies with charitable missions. We strive to make the world better by promoting those aiming to do the same.

Serving the world by serving you...

Brand Strategy & Management

From launching new products to revamping established campaigns, we can help develop your key messaging points, while strengthening and maintaining your brand's reputation. 

Media & Public Relations

Once your company is ready for take off, we will develop compelling stories that will encourage media attention and launch your brand into the public eye. 

Social Media & Blogs

Promotion, personality, customer service...all uses for social media. Sankofa will make this your fun, informal forum for continually creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience.   

Creative & Design

Attention grabbing, soul-stirring, action-inspiring. Sankofa designers create graphics that captivate eyes, stimulate brains and warms hearts.