Sankofa Public Relations, LLC

Reaching back to move the world forward

Sankofa Public Relations, LLC. Reaching back to move the world forward. We represent brands, companies, organizations, and special project with philanthropic motives. Non-profits and for-profit companies with charitable missions. We strive to make the world better by promoting those aiming to do the same.

This is our planet...and we only get one

A fitness expert once said, "If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?" As jolting as that thought is, it can also be applied to our planet and the welfare of all the people in it. While our offices are based in the United States, beyond the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific, there are places vastly different and yet uncannily similar to our own that need our attention in one way or another. If you company recognizes this and wants to actively implement change in global societies and environments, we want to help you.