Sankofa Public Relations, LLC

Reaching back to move the world forward

Sankofa Public Relations, LLC. Reaching back to move the world forward. We represent brands, companies, organizations, and special project with philanthropic motives. Non-profits and for-profit companies with charitable missions. We strive to make the world better by promoting those aiming to do the same.



Connie Judge-Johnson 

With over 40+ years in the hair & beauty industries, Connie Judge-Johnson has firmly established herself as a leader in the community. As founder and owner of the National Trichology Training Institute, Johnson is the first woman to own a trichology school in the world. In addition to her trichology school, Johnson is the founder of the W.O.W. Institute of Empowerment, which promotes teaches and empowers women to levels of wholeness, wealth and wisdom. 



Spendefy's mission is to leverage the power of consumerism for economic and social good. Spendefy promotes the presence of local, black-owned businesses in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Miami, with many more cities to come. 


Tray Deadwyler

Tray T.S. Deadwyler is leading generations through the civic engagement continuum. Affectionately nicknamed Service Nerd by his teammates and sector colleagues, Tray focuses on supporting cross-sector solutions and training fellow professionals to deploy human-centered design for their interventions and programs.