Sankofa Public Relations, LLC

Reaching back to move the world forward

Sankofa Public Relations, LLC. Reaching back to move the world forward. We represent brands, companies, organizations, and special project with philanthropic motives. Non-profits and for-profit companies with charitable missions. We strive to make the world better by promoting those aiming to do the same.

Our Why: The Start of Sankofa PR

I’ve been in the public relations, branding and marketing field for quite some time, beginning in the architecture, interior design, home building products and accessories industries. After years of working with wealthy developers and designers while writing design stories that include décor that costs the equivalent of a year of undergraduate collegiate studies, I started to question the purpose of what I was doing and the fulfillment I received from it. While I still love the design+build+decorative industries, they can be very vain and capitalistic environments to work in full-time.

Aside from the design bug I inherited from my mother, I did also pick up her spirit of service. She always encouraged me to get involved where there was a need. In this spirit, I began soul searching for how and where I could make a difference. This was a struggle for me has been to pick one area of interest – education, sustainability, social justice/civil rights, animal welfare, housing equality, equal access to healthy foods, etc. These are all dear to my heart due to personal life experiences. When I research companies, I discovered so many amazing organizations of which I had never heard. I wondered what their PR and marketing strategies were and looked for open positions within their companies to no avail.

This is when my PR light bulb went off.

It is no secret that small, non-tech start-ups and non-profits have limited budgets. Many of these companies are running their own marketing campaigns in-house based off case studies and articles found online. That’s not a bad way to start, but it certainly isn’t sustainable. This is when I thought to myself, “What if I could use my natural talents and developed PR, marketing and branding skills to help companies that know how they plan to positively impact the world?”

Thus, the idea for Sankofa PR was born.

Sankofa Public Relations aims to change the world by representing the change agents, non-profits and philanthropic brands that are also aiming to do the same. We amplify the missions, services and products of these companies and increase the public’s awareness in order for their respective audiences to contribute to the betterment of our local, state, national, and global societies.

This is the foundation of every action we take or partnership we create. We invest ourselves in our clients’ mission and goals, becoming an extension of their companies with the enthusiasm to match.

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